Carol Lamkins has written numerous articles on all aspects of design including Appliances & Fixtures, General Design Principles, Environment, Lighting, Materials, Space Planning, Kitchen and Bath Design, Handicap accessibility and more. Included here are a selection of articles.

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Category Article
Appliances & Fixtures And You Thought a Sink Was Just a Sink
Appliances & Fixtures Dumbwaiters – A Lifting Solution
Appliances & Fixtures Flexible-Use ‘WORK HORSES” in the Kitchen
Appliances & Fixtures Kitchen Ventilation
Appliances & Fixtures Residential Elevators – Going Up in Popularity
Appliances & Fixtures Selecting Kitchen Appliances
Appliances & Fixtures Stair Lifts – Making the Change in Elevations Accessible
Appliances & Fixtures What’s New, What’s Hot in Cooking Appliances
Appliances & Fixtures Winning ideas for Future Home and Business Appliances
Design Is the Traditional Work Triangle Still Valid in Today’s Kitchen
Design Minimalistic Design in Spa Retreats
Design Outdoor Kitchen Design
Design The New Living Space
Design The Organized Closet
Design Today’s Laundry Room
Design Today’s Lifestyles Drive Trends
Environmental A Sequel to “is the Next Big Green Issue Blue”
Environmental EPA Renovation, Repair and Paint Rule
Environmental Green Design for Earth’s Sake
Environmental The Next Big Green Issue is Blue
Lighting Light Up Your Home
Lighting Style Meets Function in Luminaire Design
Materials Carpet and Cushion Selection – Part 1
Materials Carpet and Cushion Selection – Part 2
Materials Ceramic versus Porcelain
Materials Creating with Concrete
Materials Quartz Surfacing – Nature Enhanced by Science
Materials The Future of Fenestration
Materials Topping it Off – what’s New, What’s Hot in Countertops
Miscellaneous From Stone to Warm Floor – Electric Floor Systems
Miscellaneous Home is Where the Hearth Is…
Miscellaneous Mobility Solutions for Domestic Appliances