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It is truly the ORIGINAL and the most
reliable way to prepare for the IDEX CA.

The Original IDEX CA Prep Class© is inclusive of all of the content on the exam.  It is self-contained and does not require supplemental books and information.

  • Taught by industry professional instructors
  • Developed by a member of the IDEX CA Task Force
  • Focuses exclusively on the areas tested upon in the IDEX CA
  • Incorporates learning reinforcement techniques
  • Includes comprehensive lessons and quizzes
  • Formats quizzes in the style of the IDEX CA
  • Offers all-inclusive course review hand-outs
  • Extends study time for on-line class until the end of next testing month
  • CCIDC grants ten hours of credit (1 CEU) for Certified Interior Designers
  • Includes two free preview lessons
Quiz Questions
Bonus Review
Pages of Handouts


  • Offered in No & So CA
  • Pre-printed handouts
  • Traditional learning environment
  • Interactive Q&A
  • One or two day classes


  • 24/7 Access
  • Downloadable handouts
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Contact instructor by email or phone
  • Access through the next testing month


  • Both in-person and on-line classes
  • Efficient study process
  • Printed and downloadable handouts
  • Redundant learning reinforcement
  • Easy access to instructors

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“Valuable Guidance at Every Step”

“Thank you so much for your valuable guidance at every step. I could not have done this without taking the class and the immense
knowledge you shared with me during and after class…THANK YOU!” – Priya Chawla

Thank you for helping prepare me for the test… I don’t think I could have done it without you.
Jim Madsen
The class gave me a better understanding of what I needed to focus on. I will definitely recommend your class.
Phan Chun
Thank you Carol! I can’t imagine how I would have begun studying for the IDEX without your help!
Wendy Cubbon
It’s a helpful overview of design concepts that helps to give confidence to take the exam.
Amy Sutton
Best way to prepare for the exam & a good review of codes & business practices.
Karen Fakouri

“The prep class really distilled down the information to allow me to concentrate on what was important.  Thanks so much for encouraging me to do the online class, it was a great way for me personally to prepare.”  Marci Krause

“Your IDEX prep class proved to be extremely helpful and I am so grateful!  I will definitely recommend your class to anyone who is preparing for the IDEX!”  Kendall Marsh

“I passed the IDEX!!! I owe a lot of it to your class. Thank you for all of the help!”  Connie Simvoulakis

“I am thrilled I selected YOUR program over the others!  I was so thrilled when I realized that I achieved the highest score on this latest exam and I must attribute my success to YOUR online class!!  Thanks Again!”  Barbara Hordyk

“What a beautiful and organized format! There is absolutely no comparison between your on-line class and the other one.  Thank You Carol!”  Mastaneh Brett

“Carol, I passed!!! J Many thanks for the help!”  Sandra Burga

“Thank you very much for all of the additional information you sent out to us this weekend. Your course instruction has been a huge help already.”  Kara Rice

“I took your class before I took my test and I loved it!”  Janel Willoughby

“I got an email notice from CCIDC that I have passed the IDEX exam in Oct.  I really appreciate your encouragement and assistance.”  Kate Handwerger

“Thank you Carol!!! So thankful for your class.”  Laura Reisiger

“Thanks for your materials.  I’m really glad I passed it with studying in such a short time!”  Kandy Chang

“Thanks for the website.  I was able to navigate through the website very easily.  It had all the information one could want or need and seemed to answer all the questions one would have.  The links were easy to navigate also.  I thought the Class Guide was informative, and the on-line version seemed like it would really be a piece of cake to follow!  Thanks again!”  Emily Mitchell Grosz

Thank you so much for everything, the class was wonderful.  The time zoomed by and you kept it interesting and entertaining.  Thank you!“  Garry Tomason

“You did an amazing job, very knowledgeable and most importantly you know your craft very well.  How I wish I took your classes in design.“  Arcel Punsalang

“I just got news yesterday that I passed the IDEX exam. I wanted to personally say Thank You. After attending your class, I was much more confident in knowing that I could pass the test.”  Bree Klipfel

“I just received word that I passed the IDEX exam!  Thanks to your course I was able to do it!!”  Leora Cane

“I can’t thank you enough for making this wonderful program available!  Everything you claimed was true.  Your program covers the information you need to know to pass the IDEX exam.  It was presented in a way that I was able to absorb a lot of information and recall it during the test. I didn’t waste time studying things that I wouldn’t be tested on.  It was a very efficient process.  I don’t think it is possible to become fully prepared for this exam in less time.  It was like having my own personal IDEX tutor!  I highly recommend your program to anyone who will be taking this exam. Thanks again!” – Amy Hoffman

“Thank you so much for your valuable guidance at every step. I could not have done this without taking the class and the immense knowledge you shared with me during and after class…THANK YOU!” – Priya Chawla

“Very valuable class!”  – Jim Vivrette

“Yes (would recommend this class), don’t take the test without taking this class!”  – Carole Hedstrom

“Even if you don’t want to become CID, the class gives you the basics to become a more competent designer.”  – Shirli Yazaki

“I would recommend this class as a great refresher course, as well as IDEX prep.”  – Kim Stone

“Take this class, it is very helpful since the professor goes over specifics that are on the actual test. If you think you are prepared for the test, you will realize what you need to focus on and what you shouldn’t.”  – Karina Mendez

“If you are going to become an interior designer working on your own or want to become certified, TAKE THIS COURSE!”  – Louis Washington

“Informative class, refresh memory about all of the aspects of interior design (codes, business plan, ethics, etc.).”  – Melissa Budirahardjo

“Best way to prepare for the exam & a good review of codes & business practices.”  – Karen Fakouri

“Carol is very knowledgeable & really cares that we pass the IDEX. Great examples/stories.”  – Stevie Larabee

“The content was test specific, removing unnecessary and overwhelming recommended study information that made me overwhelmed.”  – Janel Rodriguez

“It’s a great class with a wonderful and entertaining instructor.”  – Garry Tomason

“Great presentation with info for reference in a summary format.”  – Laura Jane Muszynski

“Amazing handouts and abundance of information.”  – Natalie Grebe

“Demonstrated with examples from actual experience.” – Margaret Kemp

“Well worth time and expense…great resources.” – Mary French

“The handout (from the class) is worth it’s weight in gold!”  – Alexis Salsow

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The IDEX CA is the exclusive California-approved exam for Interior Design Certification.  The Original IDEX CA Prep Class© by Carol Lamkins, CID, CMKBD, is the top-rated preparation class to get ready to sit for the IDEX CA.  This class is exclusively sponsored by the California Legislative Coalition for Interior Design (CLCID) with the profits supporting the profession through legislation.

The Original IDEX CA Prep Class© was developed at the request of the California Council for Interior Design Certification (CCIDC) with the stipulation that the prep class cover everything on the IDEX CA.  This commitment was met as the author was a member of the IDEX CA Task Force that developed the IDEX CA.  The first biannual presentation was on April 18, 2009, at locations in both Northern and Southern California.  The class continues to be offered in person twice a year and it became available 24/7 on-line in 2013.  Do not be mislead!  It is truly the ORIGINAL and the most reliable way to prepare for the IDEX CA.  Updates occur on a continual basis with changes or additions to the IDEX CA.

There is no substitute for the Original IDEX CA Prep Class©!  This is the ONLY on-line class written by a member of the IDEX CA Task Force.  The IDEX CA Task Force of professionals created the IDEX CA and have first-hand knowledge of the exam.  The in-person version also offers the same comprehensive review coverage.

The Original IDEX CA Prep Class© is inclusive of all of the content on the exam.  It is self-contained and does not require supplemental books and information.  The depth and breadth of the answers for the IDEX CA are addressed within its content.  Questions and answers throughout the class are designed to reinforce the learning process.  These multiple-choice questions are presented in the format of the IDEX CA questions and are similar to those on the exam.  To reinforce the study process, the quiz questions are corrected immediately after each quiz.

Now you can tailor your exam preparation to your learning style.  Choose between the on-line or in-person versions of this outstanding class or a combination of both.  Check out what your peers have to say on this page.

Upon completing the course and submitting the course evaluation, you shall receive a Certificate of Completion for your records.  Ten hours of credit (1 CEU) is available from CCIDC for Certified Interior Designers.

Remember that there is no substitute for the Original IDEX CA Prep Class©!

Choose the class option that suits you best!

clcid_logoCalifornia Legislative Coalition for Interior Design (CLCID)

CLCID is a Legislative Coalition that represents the entire Interior Design Profession on issues that are important to our members and their practice.


  • Represents the interests of ALL California’s Interior Designers.
  • Monitors and submits legislation and develops long-term legislative strategic plans to protect the Interior Design Profession.
  • Supports the existing “Certified Interior Designer” title protection and the qualifying exams as standards for professionalism.
  • Protects the public health, safety and welfare.
  • Forms grass roots efforts when needed.

CLCID serves as the VOICE for the Interior Design Profession

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