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Why must I get 100% correct on the quiz questions before I can move to the next lesson?2018-09-19T17:03:16+00:00

The quizzes test your comprehension of the lesson.  The actual IDEX California® test questions are different from the quiz questions.  The content of the lesson is what prepares you for the exam, not the quizzes.  Preventing you from proceeding to the next lesson without answering the quiz questions correctly confirms your understanding of the lesson.




How is The Original IDEX CA Class© organized?  2017-03-02T22:34:09+00:00

The 51 lessons are distributed as follows:

  • Lessons 1 to 29    –   Codes and Regulations
  • Lessons 30 to 45  –   Business and Ethics
  • Lessons 46 to 51  –   Fundamentals of Interior Design
How often is the IDEX California® updated?2018-11-19T01:34:16+00:00

The IDEX California® is updated by the certification board CCIDC as needed followed by an update of the Original IDEX CA Prep Class©.

When and where is the IDEX California® offered?2018-09-09T21:18:32+00:00

The IDEX California® is conducted at testing centers across California.  It is offered throughout the months of May and October.  Application and scheduling for the IDEX California® is available through the California Council for Interior Design Certification (CCIDC) at (888) 278-6337 or

How much time do I have to take the exam?2016-06-12T14:48:31+00:00

The exam period is three hours.

How many questions are on the IDEX California®?2018-09-09T21:19:48+00:00

There are 150 questions and 2 exams.  Each exam has a blend of some identical questions and some unique questions.  The Original IDEX CA Prep Class© covers the content of both exams.

Who do I contact with additional questions about The Original IDEX CA Prep Class©?2023-05-11T13:46:40+00:00

Contact Mollyanne Sherman for class content related questions.

  • Email at
  • Or use the “Contact Lesson Instructor” button which appears at the top of each lesson for the on-line class.  NOTE:  If you use this method, you will be notified by email when she responds and you can also check the messages you have sent and any responses by going to MY MESSAGES under the STUDENTS tab of the menu bar (you must be logged in to view your messages).  You can also respond back or add a note in this area to any message you have already sent.
Are Continuing Education Credits (CEU) offered?2018-11-08T19:11:32+00:00

Yes, depending upon the policy of the specific association.

If you are currently a Certified Interior Designer (CID) and wish to take the class for a review of the information, CCIDC will award 1 CEU (equal to 10 hours), thereby meeting the entire two-year requirement.

What if I do not pass the IDEX California® after taking the Original IDEX CA Prep Class©?2018-11-19T01:38:02+00:00

You are eligible to re-take the In-person or On-line Original IDEX CA Prep Class© at no additional cost.  Our goal is for you to pass the IDEX California®.  If you study and learn the class material, you will pass.  Contact for the process.

When is The Original IDEX CA Prep Class© offered?2018-11-08T19:14:35+00:00

The Original IDEX CA Prep Class© is offered both in-person and on-line with a reduced cost for a combination of both versions.

  • The in-person classes for both Northern and Southern California are offered prior the IDEX California® testing months.  The exact dates and times are listed on the REGISTRATION page of 
  • The on-line class is offered 24/7 with access from most computers, notebooks, smart phones, etc.  You can sign-up the month after either of the exams and have continued access through the end of the next exam month.
Will I receive a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of The Original IDEX CA Prep Class©?2018-11-08T19:16:05+00:00

Yes.  A Certificate of Completion is awarded after receipt of the Class Evaluation.

A record is kept of your completion of The Original IDEX CA Prep Class©.   A copy of The Original IDEX CA Prep Class© Certificate of Completion may also be obtained by contacting

Do you offer a preview to The Original IDEX CA Prep Class©?2018-11-08T19:19:35+00:00

Yes.  Two sample lessons on the REGISTRATION page are available on-line at no cost.

What does the in-person Original IDEX CA Prep Class© include?2018-09-13T18:14:22+00:00

It includes:

  • An interactive format
  • A printed booklet of the PowerPoint slides
  • Follow-up information to summarize class information and drawings
  • Complimentary continental breakfast and lunch for the all-day sessions
  • Complimentary parking
Is there a Class Guide on how to use the website?2018-11-08T19:22:02+00:00

Yes.  The Class Guide is easily accessed in the footer of each Website lesson page.

Is the on-line Original IDEX CA Prep Class© easy to navigate?2018-11-19T01:42:11+00:00

Yes.  You can back-up to previous lessons at any point in class.  However, you must pass all of the lesson quizzes to test your comprehension before proceeding to the next lesson.

Do I need to purchase additional study materials to pass the IDEX California®?2021-01-26T18:36:10+00:00

No.  Everything that you need to know is contained in The Original IDEX CA Prep Class©.

However should you want to purchase a valuable resource, the CLCID California Codes and Regulation for interior Designers is highly recommended.  This manual is a collection of the California Building Codes that pertain to interior designers.  Contact for more information.

Is there viewable/printable supplemental information that also focuses on the exam?2018-11-08T18:59:53+00:00

Yes.  There are handouts for specific study that follow the appropriate lesson.  These may be viewed and/or printed.  They include relevant tables, drawings, occupancy classifications, types of construction, fire protection systems, specifications, interior design fundamentals, and more.

Does the class cover the entire IDEX California®?2018-11-08T19:31:50+00:00

Yes.  The on-line class has 51 lessons with over 100 quiz questions.  The quizzes are formatted in the style of the exam questions.  The prep class questions are similar but they are not the same questions that are asked on the IDEX California®.

There is also a Quiz Shuffle Review at the conclusion of the classes to to retest you on the lesson contents.  You can go back to any lesson for extra review.

The Original IDEX CA Prep Class© covers the contents of both test versions of the IDEX California® .


Which type of class is most effective to prepare for the IDEX California®?2018-11-08T19:33:01+00:00

The type of class in which you enroll is based upon your learning style.  Some designers prefer the traditional method and others want the convenience of on-demand and on-line 7/24 accessibility.  Many designers find that both types of learning styles in the COMBO are most effective.

What makes The Original IDEX CA Prep Class© unique?2018-11-08T19:46:53+00:00

It is the smart choice with targeted information plus a contribution for your profession.  Now that is money and time well-spent!

So why should you choose The Original IDEX CA Prep Class©?

  • It is the ORIGINAL prep class that was developed through the legislative coalition at the personal request of the California Council for Interior Design Certification’s (CCIDC) Executive Director.  The class was launched in the spring of 2009 before the first IDEX California® was offered and has been presented in various modes.  The goal was, and is, to review the contents of the entire IDEX California®.
  • It is the only prep class that offers you a choice of an in-person or on-line version or a combination of both
  • It is the in-person and only on-line class written by a member of the IDEX California® Task Force with first-hand knowledge of the exam
  • It is the in-person and only on-line class professionally developed by a seasoned college instructor with over 40 years of experience
  • It is the in-person and only on-line prep class where the writer used exam quiz formatting as instructed by the IDEX California® consulting psychometricians CASTLE World-Wide (developers of high stakes examinations for certification of professionals)
  • It is the only prep class that supports the profession with the contribution of class profits to the California Legislative Coalition for Interior Design (CLCID) to monitor legislation and protect interior designers
  • It has, without debate, proven time and time again to be the first choice for professionals to prepare for the IDEX California® 
Who do I contact for help with specific Website questions?2016-06-07T13:13:58+00:00

Contact Webmaster Jennifer for technical site-related questions –

How do I log in after enrolling in this on-line prep class?2018-11-08T19:50:29+00:00

After you successfully register and pay for this on-line class, you will automatically be logged-in and can start the class immediately without further action.

You will receive an email with your username and password.  You will need this information to log-in for future access (once you leave the site to come back to continue the class).

To log-in follow these simple directions:

  1. Go to
  2. Under STUDENTS in the menu bar, choose LOG IN*
  3. Enter your registered username and password (these were sent to you via email)
  4. Click the LOG IN button

*If you see  LOG OUT instead of LOG IN, you are already logged in and can go to the class without logging in again.


May I pay for the class by check?2018-08-10T04:18:13+00:00
I lost/forgot my password, what do I do?2018-11-08T19:51:59+00:00

You can recover your lost or forgotten password by following these steps:

  1. Click the LOG IN button under STUDENTS in the menu bar
  2. Click the “LOST YOUR PASSWORD?” link which appears next to the login button
  3. Enter the username or email address registered for your account and press the green RESET PASSWORD button.
  4. You will receive an email with a link that will allow you to change your password.


NOTE:  Be sure to check your junk mail folder if you do not receive this email within 5 minutes of submitting the request.  Also whitelist both and to ensure email delivery.

How do I change my password / email / contact info?2018-11-08T19:53:01+00:00

To make changes:

  1. Log in with your current password by clicking the LOG IN button under the STUDENTS tab.
  2. After you log in, click on the MY ACCOUNT link under the STUDENTS tab.
  3. On the left side of the my account page, click on EDIT ACCOUNT.
  4. To change your contact information, click CHANGE ADDRESS on the left side of the screen.
  5. To change your password or email address, click on EDIT ACCOUNT on the left side of the screen.
I cannot log into PayPal.2018-09-09T21:49:24+00:00

PayPal is a third party payment system and we do not control their system.

If you are having issues once you get to the PayPal website, please contact directly.

How do I register?2018-11-19T01:52:10+00:00

Registering is simple!

  1. Click the REGISTER button in the main menu bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on the class for which you want to register.
  3. Add the class to your cart by clicking the ADD TO CART button.
  4. Proceed thought checkout by entering the information requested (name and contact information).
  5. Make payment on PayPal.

You will receive emails that confirm your registration/purchase.  Be sure to check your junk mail folder if you do not receive these emails within 5 minutes of purchase.  Also remember to whitelist and on your email client to be sure you receive all future emails.

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