Senate Bill 308, the bill currently winding its way through the legislature that extends the Certified Interior Designer statute, Section 5800-5812 of the California Business & Professions Code, has passed through the Assembly Governmental Organizational Committee on a unanimous vote.

The bill is now headed to the Assembly Appropriations Committee at a date to be determined, probably in the next two weeks or so. The bill potentially could be amended with some of the proposed amendments emanating from the recent stakeholders meetings held in Sacramento, prior to the Appropriations Committee hearing.

There is unfortunately still some disagreement on the proposed amendments, mostly from AIACC*.

All of the other stakeholders**(CCIDC, CAB, CALBO,, CLCID, ASID-IDCC) appear to be relatively in agreement. We will keep you updated on this process as it unfolds.

To view the history and current status of SB 308 go to:

Acronym list
*stakeholder in disagreement
AIACC – American Institute of Architects California Council

**stakeholders in agreement
CCIDC – California Council for Interior Design Certification
CAB – California Architects Board
CALBO – California Building Officials – an independent group of Certified Interior Designers
CLCID – California Legislative Coalition for Interior Design
ASID-IDCC – American Society of Interior Designers / Interior Design Coalition of California